Job offers…..

20 Aug

​If you want to work with a team who shares their torrent downloads, aalo kay parathay and workload then we are the place for you!
Send in your resumes to, we promise to be stressful, tad bit annoying but extremely hospitable to you!
For Lahore only!
Looking for the following:
*Illustrator* A creative genius who manages all our in-house branding, presentation creation and works on  sketches for our storyboards and animation projects.
*Creative Manager* who can come up with some crazy viral video ideas for the brands that we work on. Agency experience is a must have or you should be brilliant.
*PR Manager* Someone who knows everyone or at least is willing to know almost everyone.
*Production Manager* Someone who eats, sleeps and repeats production work. Production is 1/3 of the entire film shoot or even 1/2. Someone who doesn’t mind running around the entire city to find the right color football or lamp.
*Client Services/Strategist* The planner and executioner. Deals with all the clients and makes sure all deadlines are met.

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