How solar panel specs are defined: 240 Watt Solar Panel

09 Apr

Electrical Data
Nominal peak power(Pmax) 240Wp
Maximum power voltage(Vmp) 30.65V
Maximum power current(Imp) 7.83A
Short-circuit current(Isc) 8.36A
Open circuit voltage(Voc) 37.8V
Optimized cell efficiency(η) 17.00%
Operating temperature -40℃ to +85℃
Maximum system voltage
(IEC/UL standard) 1000VDC/600VDC
Additional Data

Number of cells and type of connection 60,serial connection
Dimensions Length:1640mm
Net weight 20kgs/pc
Gross weight 475kgs/ctn(22pcs/ctn) 44kgs/ctn(2pcs/ctn)
1047lbs/ctn(22pcs/ctn)  97lbs/ctn(2pcs/ctn)
Package dimension 1695x1120x1140mm 1658x1022x110mm
67”x45”x45”      66”x41”x4”

Guaranteed Power Output 15 year: 90% of its nominal power rating;  25 year: 80% of its nominal power rating
Impact Resistance Can bear the force that is generated by one 227g steel ball falling down from 1m height
Warranty period 10 years:Materials and workmanship defects
Certificates UL1703/CSA, CEC.
Cells Polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic cell


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