15 Advices for Umrah!

27 Mar


1.Be sincere to Allah and purify your intentions. Umrah like any other act of worship is required to be done sincerely for Allah alone.

2.Sincerity cannot be attained except by shunning riyaa (showing off), so do not take pictures of yourself (Umrah selfies) in the middle of an act of worship.

3.Umrah is an opportunity to connect to your Lord, so do not change it into a social media event and ruin your act of worship by humble-bragging (using apparently humble language to actually show off where you are or what you are accomplishing).

4.Be devout in following the Messenger (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace) in performing the rituals of Umrah.

5.Have knowledge of what the Messenger (may Allah raise his rank and grant him peace) did on Umrah and in his life in general, since there is no way to accomplish the previous point of advice (truly following him) except to have knowledge of what he taught us.

6.Know the virtues of an accepted Umrah, and how it expiates sins.

7.Refrain from harming people in any way. There is no harming and no reciprocation of harm in Islam, especially whilst in ihraam.

8.Obey the people in charge of the Muslims, respecting and honouring the guidelines and protocols during the journey.

9.Travel for Umrah (and all other journeys) in a group of three or more people.

10.Women must not travel alone (without a male relative), nor may they travel as a group of women (wrongfully assuming that the group takes the place of male relatives).

11. There should be an ameer (leader) for any travelling group. You must obey the ameer (in all affairs related to the trip).

12.Make a lot of supplications throughout your journey.

13.Make Umrah as often as you can, but avoid multiple Umrahs in one trip.

14.Hurry home (after Umrah) and take care of the affairs of your family and your responsibilities.

15.Stick to the correct beliefs, perform righteous deeds, and advise each other to be patient and steadfast upon the truth.

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