Interview experience of a pakistani candidate at cic

19 Nov

Hi everyone ..
Here is my interview experience.

I reached embassy around 45 minutes before my schedule time as it is always advisable to reach before time. The staff there was very much cooperative and they firstly saw passport and confirmation letter of interview . After that they took my mobile and ask to sit in the waiting area and name will be pronounced to enter  in the desired room. There were applicants already sitting in the area. After certain time , my name was called and I enter the room . Visa officer was having large glasses with glass in between visa officer and applicant.
When I entered in the room, she introduced her and said that she is assessing my file. She asked to show passports and to sign the schedule forms in front of her declaring that all information is correct.  She then asked that u look tired for which I said that I cannot sleep for the last three nights due to interview thing and as visited UAE first time so moving a lot. She then said it’s a very good place to visit.
She then said u are being called for interview for eligibility. She said that she only knows about me  to the extent to which i have provided  information in the application and nothing beyond that . So remain truthful and don’t lie as it may impact decision against ur application.
She then started the interview. She firstly inquired about my education. I told her that have completed MBA from one of the top universities of Pakistan. After that started my professional career. She asked is that your first job . I said yes . She then said that she has seen some certification in accounting in my file  for which I said Yes I have completed during my career. She inquired about duration and courses of study. I told her three years and 21 courses for which she was surprised and said lot of study u have done. I said yes but at the end I completed it . She appreciated . She then asked to show her complete final certificates of this certification. She made a brief look on all certifications and I told her that at time of filling application I was not having this final certification and cant send to WES for which she said its OK.
She then asked to expain the profile of the company in which I am working . I told her its businesses , products and offices. She inquired about staff in company and no. of persons working in my department.
( In my opinion below are the question related to the reasons for which I was called for interview)
She then asked to describe daily routine activities and how much staff was working under my supervision. (I have already done enough preparation for this question and was moving in accordance with NOC). I told her and she asked do u assess their performance as well. She then asked to show her the original experience letter and placed in front of her .She then read one line from it and asked to explain it . I explained it by linking it with my NOC duties .
She then read another line and asked to explain it . I was having major expertise in this job description and explained her briefly . and she then herself stopped me and  said to whom u are reportable . I said the one who signed the letter.
She then asked to show salary slips , employment card and bank statement  and took PCC.
She the asked why u going to Canada and what ur spouse does etc. For which I replied in accordance with my preparation.
She asked have u gone through job market . I said yes and I know tough situation is going in Canada and I have made plan for doing some part time job and further study and communication which I have done with Canadian institution for which said its good.
She then get aside from computer on which she was writing all what I was speaking  and said that she is satisfied with my role and there is no issues now in eligibility and said congrates as u have cleared the interview which is the biggest hurdle and now start buying warm clothes as there will too cold in Canada.
I thanked her and said yes I m thinking to buy it from UAE as not able to  find easily  in Pakistan.
She then said that after this  u will receive RPRF fee and medicals and told afterwards that u will be granted PR which will be valid for five years and to maintain it u have to be in Canada for two years and four years for claiming citizenship.
I inquired how much time will it take from now onwards for stamping of visa . She said she cant promise but within few months .
She then again said congrates and enjoy the trip . I said the same..
And day after interview I received RPRF followed by medical instructions . Thanks to Almight ALLAH.
So my personal advices and findings are .
   The moment u get interview intimation .. firstly order gcms .. it really helped me lot as it showed  the concern they are looking for.
   Don’t be tense during interview as at start and during all the time during interview  visa officer directly looks into your eyes to make u uncomfortable so be prepared for it.
   I claimed points for NOC 1212 while I was working in another NOC. Visa officer was not concerned about it , she only asked questions related to what I claimed .
   Read and each every single word of your file as they only know about u to the extent u have provided information in the interview. So prepare urself as per your file.
   Visa officers are very polite and humble so don’t lie as it may have negative impact.
   Always visit embassy a day before interview to make urself affiliated with the place.
   Do prepare ur file in good manner with proper folders as it puts positive impression on visa officer.
   Most importantly, don’t answer in a very explanatory manner. Only answer what is important and matters most .
   My interview was related to job experience and mostly are related to job experiences , so I advice to write down each and every single assignment , activity , roles which correlates to your job description letter etc an then re write it in accordance with NOC by linking it with job duties mentioned .i also did the same and prepared at least ten pages of single job letter and then linked it will NOC. It really helped me .Also as Visa officer writes down whatever u speaks so it helps in speaking what will matter .
   Always do mock interviews with ur spouse or friends . it really helps and makes you ease at the time of interview.
   Also those who are being called for interviews should be happy a lot as after interview clearance their application will moving at rockets pace. So it will be wonderful opportunity .
At the end this forum is always very helpful and whatever I prepared is through the interview thread so do read all . It really helps . I wish all the best to those who will be  called for interviews in next sessions

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