How to handle angry customer?

26 Aug

Angry customers are one of the biggest challenges for Marketing/Sales persons. These frustrated individuals can quickly ruin the day particularly if you do not train your staff to handle complaints competently.

The first step in resolving a difficult situation is to diffuse the customer’s anger so they are ready to listen to your solution. We have five ways to take the wind out of an angry customer’s sails.

Begin with Listening

Most irritated customers need time to vent before they are ready to listen to what you have to say. Give them that time right from the beginning – actively listening to the complaint so you can get to the underlying problem and a possible solution.

Do Not Answer Emotion with Emotion

It is easy to get emotional when someone gets angry with you. However, the furious customer on the other side of the counter or phone line is likely not mad at you – but rather angry at your company. If you can avoid taking the complaint personally, you will be more likely to respond to the customer’s anger with calm and patience..

Watch Your Tone and Volume

The best way to counter a high volume from a customer is with a low one that exudes calm and patience.

Apologize When Needed

There are times when a customer is angry over a legitimate mistake made by your company. In these circumstances, an apology is in order, and since you are the official representative of the company at that time, you are the right person to offer that apology.

Take Responsibility and Take Action

Once you understand the customer’s complaint, it is time to take action. Since you are the front line for this particular issue, you automatically become the “go-to” person to find a resolution. Even if you have to bring in another employee or department to rectify the situation, it is important to follow up with the customer personally so that they know you are seeing the issue through to the end

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