Flying time and its wings

03 Jul

Words dipped in Happiness

Have you ever imagined why the analog clocks displayed time as 10:10 in most of the time? Try to guess. No idea? Ok. Because 10:10 is the perfect time when we can see the clock in its full flying mode. Two wings, one on number 10, and one on number 2, are flapping rapidly at their own pace and taking the time away from us. Because time never comes back. It goes away and away. Have you seen the tail of this flying time-bird? Yes that one on number 6.


So always remember time flies away with time. It doesn’t stop for anyone. So enjoy the moments. The temporary moments. They never come back. We only go to them so that we can live there. But remember, we can never live in past, just “some memories in the past, can make your present lively.”

So start living in your present…

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Posted by on July 3, 2015 in Tips


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