ATS for generator

03 Jul


1ATS-50 Automatic Start Stop Generator Engine Controller Board for Single and three Phase Generators.

Note: Being a manufacture we can customise it according to your needs, we will be happy to add your company and telephone number if are a trade customer.

Discount: Our prices are fixed but we do offer discount on quantity / bulk orders, please contact us with your required quantity.

Description: Smart automatic Start Stop Generator controller board Panel for home and small business auto operation use. Start the Generator when the Electricity goes off, and stop the Generator when the Electricity from Main Grid comes back. This ATS controller board is manufactured by our company Shenztech brand name Pluscom.
How it work:
Under normal circumstances when mains power is available, main electricity power runs through the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) contactors and connects to your distribution board. When main electricity power fails, the ATS will pause for a pre-set seconds period to ensure you haven’t had a power spike. During this time the “Mains Available” LED is flashing. ATS will then initiate a generator start, warm up the generator within pre-set time set by internal programmable timer and then provide the electricity power supply to your home or business premises.

It monitor the voltage and frequency of the incoming AC supply from two different sources, which could be from both Generator or Mains (utility), or a combination of both. Various timing sequences are available to prevent nuisance starting on minor supply breaks.

Upon mains power being restored the reverse happens and the controller automatically switches from the generator power back to mains shutting down the generator after a cool-down period (cool-down period = warm-up period set by internal configurable timer) and restoring it to standby mode.

Time duration settings:
Time duration settings for choke, Self to start the Engine.
Note: If you set the self duration let say 5 seconds and the engine start within 2nd seconds it will not use the remaining seconds to start the engine, as it detect from Alternator RPM that the engine is already started, non of the ATS available on the market has this feature, as far as we know.

Safety Settings:
Engine Overheating protection:
The ATS will stop the engine if engine temperature reaches 140C.

Low Engine Oil pressure protection:
The ATS will stop the ‘s oil pressure is low.

  Mains Electricity Power ON/OFF LED indication
  Generator Start/STOP and fault indications
  Configurable such as Chock on Time, Self on/off Time
  Auto manual selection options.

The ATS-50 series modules have been designed for front panel with measurement of 50mmX40mm.

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