Hacking the Rock Crawler – Part 3

23 Mar

Just Electronics

AT the end -> A very trivial but important lesson – something that we all assume we know theoretically but might fail to implement practically !!.

This is what the 4-bit level shifterDSC02173  BSS328 module from Adafruit looks like –

  • My first step was to test the module , the connections were straight forward and the results were good.
  • After that i connected the pins from arduino to the level shifter like this –
Arduino Pin 4-bit Level Shifter Pin
3.3V LV
There are two GND pins on the level shifter and both are internally connected so connecting one is enough.
A5 B1
A4 B2
A3 B3
A2 B4


  • Then i connected the pins from the Level shifter to wires coming from the RC like this –
Level shifter Pin PCB wire
A1 White
A2 Blue
A3 Yellow
A4 Grey
  • Final looks –


  • After that…

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