5 tips to help you find balance

21 Mar

Fit 4 Me

I read an opinion article the other day about the ultimate goal of I think almost all humans: finding balance in life.  It was a very interesting read, and the gist of it, while kind of depressing, was probably more true than anything else I’ve read on the subject.

It claimed actually attaining the right balance in your life is impossible.  The premise is, that 1) it’s really hard to find balance, as well all know, and 2) if we actually do find balance, then life will change and throw everything off-balance.

I have struggled with finding the right balance in my life since I’ve been old enough to realize that things are off-balance.

Juggling a career, home life, personal interests, social life, church life and relaxation time is more than a full-time job.  And I’ve tried different strategies to find the right balance for me and read tons of…

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