Arduino on a Protoboard/Breadboard

14 Mar

Just Electronics

There are a lot of pages on making arduino on a breadboard , so i am going to link the most reliable ones and describe here my journey into making one , the problems encountered etc.

The first thing you need to understand is the different flavors in which the ATmega chips come. After a visit to ATMEL’s website you will come across ATmega328 – PU , ATmega328 –  AU , ATmega328 – MU, ATmega328P – AU, ATmega328P – PU and many more. Well, do not panic !!. The letters after the hyphen just describe the package information. So if you want a PDIP package you go for “PU”, if you want Quad flat package you go for “TQFP” and so on. The real difference comes in the nomenclature before the hyphen , which is of only 2 types namely ATmega328 and ATmega328P. The “P” here stands for “Picopower”. So…

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