Fun facts about Parrots

28 Feb
Fun facts about Parrots

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There are 370 species of known parrots, which include Palm Cockatoo, Princess Parrot, Kea, Red fan parrot and so many others. Like most parrots, they feast on fruit and nuts but expect for the Kea parrot, that use there strong beak to get through animal carcasses.

The smallest Parrot is the Pygmy Parrot. Being the length of a human thumb make these bird incredibley tiny. They use their claws to help get grip within the treetops.

It has been said that the cleverest parrot, is the African Grey Parrot. Researchers have experienced these beautiful birds to have completed task within groups, and tend to play up when human backs are turn… Making them intelligent.

The yellow- Collared Lovebird


These birds mate for life, and build a nest that every year they returned to that they made when they become the breeding age of six months. They seem to be…

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