3 New species found in 2014

28 Feb
3 New species found in 2014

Conversation Animal

UnknownThe Skeleton Shrimp

Name: Liropus minusculus
Family: Caprellidae

Collected from a cave in Santa Catalina, of the coast of Southern California the Skeleton Shrimp or Liropus Minusculus, is the smallest shrimp known to our world so far.  This type of shrimp is a distant relative to the shrimp, many like to enjoy in a cocktail sauce. As you can see from the image above, the body has a translucent appearance, which makes it look like a bony structure, giving it the name of skeleton shrimp.  The bodies are very small, with the male being a small 3.3 millimeters and the female and even smaller size of 2.1 millimetres or less.

What else could be lurking beneath the depths?

Image Source:,d.d24&psig=AFQjCNGE6FVY1RWnIdNlZ4kBQ7M9bX8XHw&ust=1420398690703453


The Leaf-tailed Gecko

Name: Saltuarius eximius
Family: Carphodactylidae

Camouflage by its wide tail, long limbs and slender body, this gecko, it extremely hard to spot, amongst the trees, especially…

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