Increase Battery Life of iPad

17 Feb

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Make your iPad battery last longer. Learn how to improve the battery life of your Apple iPad.

The iPad site at Apple shares a fewtips that will help you improve thebattery life of your Apple iPad.These include:

● Minimize use of location services:Applications that actively uselocation services, such as Maps, mayreduce battery life. To disablelocation services, go to Settings >General > Location Services or uselocation services only when needed.

● Turn off push notifications: Someapplications from the App Store usethe Apple Push Notification serviceto alert you of new data. Applications that rely extensively on push notifications (such as instant messaging applications) may decrease battery life.

● Adjust brightness: Managing thescreen brightness is the best way toextend iPad battery life. You canadjust brightness yourself; go toSettings > Brightness & Wallpaperand drag the slider to the left tolower the default screen brightness.

● Fetch new data less frequently: Themore frequently email or other…

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Posted by on February 17, 2015 in Tips


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