SolidWorks CAD: Designing an automatic screwing machine, Part 2

29 Jan

mekanika cad cae

The screwing machine design presented in part1 has been completed, with this final design being different from the fourth one presented in the first part. In this fifth and final design the movement of the screw insertion rigid tube and the screwdriver change mechanism have changed.The insertion tube movement has been implemented with a slider. The tube moves when the screwdriver descends and pushes it, using a spring for the return movement (not included in the 3D design).

Vista en detalle de la corredera del tubo de insercion Detail view of the tube slider

Tubo de insercion, mostrando la superficie que actua a modo de leva para que el destornillador lo mueva Insertion tube, showing the cam surface where the screwdriver pushes

Video showing the movement of the tube when the screwdriver pushes:

The screwdriver changing mechanism has changed, in order to avoid turning the motor and its support. The motor assembly moves now guided by two guide columns, with their respective bushings, and with the pneumatic cylinder fixed to the machine’s structure. A plastic chain has been…

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