Constipation cure

20 May

It is the retention of solid material in the bowel for an unusually long time. Foods known to cause constipation should be eliminated from the diet. To prevent constipation or cure it if someone already suffers from it, honey is very valuable since it increases gastric secretion in contrast to ordinary sugar.
Honey is a gentle purgative, activating peristalsis; it is a cathartic, thus hastening intestinal evacuations; it is a carminative since it expels gases from stomach and intestines. Over the counter laxatives makes the bowels lazy, and should be avoided. Try any of the following:
1. 2 teaspoons of honey diluted in hot milk will give relief.
2. Soak 2 figs overnight. They will have softened by the morning. Eat with a tablespoon of honey on awakening. The tiny seeds stimulate peristaltic movement whilst the honey acts as a purgative and lubricant, facilitating easy evacuation.
3. Boil a cup of fenugreek leaves and eat with honey twice daily.
4. Mix a teaspoon each of lemon and mint juices. Sweeten with honey and take thrice daily. This is an excellent remedy.

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