How The Heartbleed Bug Is Causing Heartache To The World Of Internet

16 Apr

The Tech Cult

Ever noticed the green lock that turns up to the extreme left of your browser when you access certain sites? That lock is used to denote the fact that the data that is sent between the server you’re accessing and your computer, is encrypted, and therefore believed to be safe. That’s ironic because it turns out that the method that we trusted to secure our most sensitive data online actually has a chink in its armour. The internet has been brought to its knees by what’s called the “heartbleed bug” a name for the security shortfall that isn’t as arbitrary as it may first sound. Heartbleed Bug is causing heartache to internet users globally.

In order to understand why the heartbleed bug has sent chills down the spines of security experts of the biggest websites on the world, we need to understand how the internet works, or at least the part…

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Posted by on April 16, 2014 in Tips


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